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Kenya 2017- Part 2

The second stop on our trip was Nyahururu. The lodge at Thompson Falls was to be our base, and it was a beautifulView full post »

Kenya 2017 Part 1

Back in May of this year (2017), I had the opportunity to join a group of people heading the Kenya from theView full post »

Sisterhood Stories- Time Out

Over the past year, life has been manic. We have bought a house after 5 years of saving, I have been building myView full post »

Sisterhood Stories- Finding The Edge

“Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone…” This quote follows me around every single day. LikeView full post »

Sisterhood Stories- Support

Breaking into the photography world can be lonely at times. I am my biggest critic both creatively and in terms ofView full post »

Rock The Frock- Taking over London

Whilst I am still looking back at 2014, I have remembered all the opportunities I was given to work on some reallyView full post »

The b.loved blog Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

Its a very miserable grey and rainy day here in Hove, so what better day to blog the b.loved blog party from the end ofView full post »

A Photographer’s Retreat- The Shooting Sisters Hit Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest

Last weekend I took a break away with The Shooting Sisters, a group of female photographers who all support each otherView full post »

New Equipment Road Test

I took a little trip up to the South Downs just outside of Brighton this evening to road test some flash equipment IView full post »